These are really big animals. I'm pretty sure these are Toxodon.
— Allen

Toxodon ("Bow Tooth") was a large hippo-like mammal from South American that lived more than 1 million years ago in the Late Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs about 2.6 million to 16,500 years ago. It was indigenous to South America, and was probably the most common large-hoofed mammal in South America at the time of its existence.



Toxodon lived in South America during the Early Pleistocene over 1 million years ago. They died out before the end of the Ice Age.


Toxodon were large hippo-like creatures of Prehistoric South America that weighed about two tons, making them among the biggest animals in South America during the Pleistocene. English national historian Charles Darwin discovered the fossils of Toxodon when he jounreyed to South America sometime in the 1800's. Rather than finding the full skeletons, he only found their skulls instead. And in his words in his journal, he said:

The Toxodon, perhaps one of the strangest animals ever discovered. In size it equalled an elephant or megatherium, but the structure of its teeth, as Mr. Owen states, proves indisputably that it was intimately related to the Gnawers, the order which, at the present day, includes most of the smallest quadrupeds. In many details, it is allied to the Pachydermata. Judging from the position of its eyes, ears, and nostrils, it was probably aquatic, like the Dugong and Manatee, to which it is also allied.
— Charles Darwin
in his journal "The Voyage of the Beagle", about Toxodon

But these creatures were so superb, they were so much more like of hippopotamuses, the way the wallowed. Despite their heavy size, Toxodon wee strangely fast animals for their overall size, enough so to keep pace with a Safari Jeep, at least for a short time.


Toxodon also lived in large herds and were also as dangerous as hippos, which are the most dangerous animals in africa. Toxodon also needed to wallow in the heat of the day, just like hippos, meaning they had something of an amphibious lifestyle.