Titanosaurus ("Titanic Lizard") is a species of sauropod dinosaur, found mostly in India, China, Europe, and other parts of the world.



Titanosaurus lived during the Early Cretaceous period in China over 120 million years ago. The shared their environments with Incisivosaurus, Mei long, and were accompanied by Microraptor.


Although small compared to larger sauropods like Brachiosaurus and even Argentinosaurus, Titanosaurus were still some of the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived on Earth. They stood about 20-30 feet tall at the hips, measured 60-65 feet long, and weighed 20-30 tons. They could crash through vegetation and it would take a lot to stop them.


Like all sauropods, Titanosaurus lived in herds of dozen of individuals. Titanosaurs were harmless vegetarians, unless they treaded on anything in their path. Big animals like these; they wouldn't normally live in dense forests. They were magnificent.