A vicious, nocturnal hunter. A Therocephalian; half mammal, half reptile.
— Allen, describing Therocephalian

Therocephalians ("True Beast Tooth") were ancient synapsids that lived during the Permian and Triassic epochs and which were related both to gorgonopsids and cynodonts. It later evolved into a Cynodont in the Mid-Triassic.



Therocephalians lived during the Permian and Triassic periods 280-230 million years ago. It often hunted Lystrosaurus.


Therocephalians were over half-a meter to over 2-in-a-half meters long. Vicious nocturnal hunters, these predators didn't rely on power to make a kill. Their attacks were swift and at first appeared unsuccessful, but these predators had a secret weapon: a venomous bite, with venom being more lethal and more powerful than a black mamba's, which could flood their prey's blood stream.