The bizarre looking Tapejara."

Tapejara ("The Old Being") was the oldest known toothless pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of South America. They were a type of Brazilian pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (130-100 MYA).These flying reptiles showed wide diversity in size, some with a wingspan of 6 metres. This species of pterosaur bore differently sized/shaped crests that may have been used to signal and display for the other pterosaurs, much as modern toucans use their bright bills to signal to one another.



Tapejara lived during the Early to Middle Cretaceous Period from 130-100 million years ago.


As one of the first giant pterosaurs, Tapejara had a wingspand of 6 meters (18-20 feet) long. The males also had a large red crest on their heads.


Tapejara often lived on cliffs by ocean shorelines. During mating season and when they fight, the males show display by showing off their colorful crest until one opponent backs down.