Seymouria 3

Seymouria ("From Seymour") was an amphibian with many characteristics of reptiles. It was also an egg thief of its time.



Seymouria lived during the Permian period 280-260 million years ago, living alongside Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus.


At 90 centimetres long, Seymouria resembled a reptile in its outward appearance. Though, surprisingly, it was not. Instead, it was a type of amphibian known as a reptiliomorph. Seymouria was a carnivorous, egg thief amphibian that lurked in the shadows to get other creatures eggs. They’re too small to make a full frontal attack, so they bide their time until the mothers turn their backs



  • The sound effects of Seymouria are that of crocodile hisses and geese sounds.