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"This is a one-tonne Scutosaurus - a distant ancestor of turtles. Although they have no shell, their backs are covered in hard, bony plates."

Scutosaurus ("Shielded Reptile") was an armor-covered pareiasaur reptile, perhaps as much as 2.5-3 m long and weighed a ton, which lived around 252-248 MYA in Russia, in the late Permian period.



Scutosaurus was among the largest plant eater of its time. It lived in the Late Permian period 252-248 Million years ago.


Scutosaurus WWM

Scutosaurus measured over 3 meters long and weighed 1 ton. Like with Placerias, Scutosaurus were not related to dinosaurs, but instead were very distant ancestor of turtles. Although they had no shell, their backs were covered in hard, bony plates. Despite their size and armor, they were prey for Gorgonopsid. Once they tired from running from danger, they were vulnerable to attack.

Like the massive sauropod dinosaurs, Scutosaurs couldn't chew, but instead they had stones they pick up in their stomachs to help grind the vegetation so their digestive juices could get to work. In addition to using their keen noses to sense danger, Scutosaurs could also smell water from several miles away.


Like many other herbivorous animals, Scutosaurus normally traveled in migrating herds and old males often got left behind.