Protoceratops ("First-Horned Face") is a sheep-sized (1 to 2 m long) ceratopcian dinosaur, from the Upper Late Cretaceous Period (from about 80-65 MYA) in what is now Mongolia. It is a more primitive relation of the more famous Triceratops.



Protoceratops lived in prehistoric Mongolia during the Late Cretaceous period from 80-65 million years ago. They shared their environment with dinosaurs like Saurolophus, Velociraptor, Mononykus, Therizinosaurus, and Tarbosaurus. They were arguably among the first members of the ceratopcian dinosaur family, hence their name. Protoceratops were also very common during their time in the Mongolian desert. Some paleontologists today call these dinosaurs "The Sheep of the Cretaceous."


Although these were small vegetarians compared to a majority of other dinosaurs, a fully grown Protoceratops measured around 7 feet in length, stood 3-4 feet tall at the hips, weighed as much as 600 pounds, and they also possessed very strong, formidable, and powerful beaks. A strike from their beaks possessed enough force to snap the arms or legs on any animal of similar size and probably even humans.

Behavior Edit

Protoceratops not only lived in herds like many plant eaters, which their numbers were sometimes small, but they also lived in huge nesting colonies. They were also often solitary creatures as well and also lived in small groups.