"Ornitholestes, a two-metered long carnivore that is closely related to the dinosaurs that will evolve into birds."

Ornitholestes ("Bird Thief") is a genus of theropod dinosaur which lived during the late Jurassic period in what is now North America. (150-139 MYA)



Ornitholestes lived during the Jurassic Period from 152-145 million years ago. It shared the environment with Dryosaurus, Diplodocus, and even the mighty Allosaurus.


Ornitholestes was a small predatory dinosaur, about two-meters long, only the size of a man. It was also closely related to the dinosaurs the one day evolved into birds.


Ornitholestes lived in the forsets of the Jurassic and normally hunted small lizards, birds, and mammals, but a dinosaur hatcheling was an extra treat. And female Ornitholestes were over protective of their nest, scaring of even a two year old Allosaurus.

Ornitholestes also hunted and lived alone or in pairs.