Odobenocetops ("The Whale that Walks on its Teeth") was a small, prehistoric whale from the Miocene and the Pliocene. It is significant for its long, conical tusks that protruded from the sides of its face.



Odobenocetops live in the Seas of the Miocene and the Pliocene 18-3 million years ago.


Odobenocetops measured 3 meters long, the size of a dolphin. It had two tusks on its mouth. One tusk was smaller, about a foot long. But on the other side, the right–hand side, it was about three feet long.


It was previously though that the males used their tusks for jousting with each other in the breeding season, just like narwhals do today. However, further investigation determined that they were far too fragile for such behavior. Instead, the tusks would be used for intersexual selection, with females picking the males with the "best" tusks.