Nyctosaurus (name meaning "Night Lizard") is a genus of small pterodactyloid pterosaur that originated during the Late Cretaceous period in what is now North America. Their wingspan was around 1-2 meters. They probably fed on fish, like many pterosaurs did.


Era & DiscoveryEdit

Nyctosaurus lived during the late Cretaceous period from 85-65 million years ago and it then died out with the dinosaurs and other pterosaurs at then end of the Cretaceous.

Physical AttributesEdit

Although the size of a man, Nyctosaurus was one of the smallest pterosaurs ever known. It have a wingspan 3-6 feet wide. They also had a large crest on their head

Behavior & TraitsEdit

Like all pterosaurs, Nyctosaurus lived in flocks. Their crests were used for display, much like the tail of a peacock. Like all pterosaurs, they could skim through the waves of the water, look closer to see a fish and then "SNAP", they got one.