"They're called Mononykus. They can't be more than about six feet long and they feed mainly on insects."

Mononykus (name meaning "Single Claw") was a small species of dinosaur, no more than about six and a half feet long (2 m), with long, skinny legs. It was a feathered, insectivore dinosaur with one claw on each hand.



Mononykus lived in Mongolia 80-65 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. It lived alongside dinosaurs like Saurolophus, Protoceratops, and Therizinosaurus. They were also prey items for scavenging pterosaurus, Velociraptor, and Tarbosaurus. First discovered in 1993, Mononykus was originally named Mononychus, but later that year, it was renamed because the original name had already been used for a beetle named by Johann Schueppel, a German entomologist.


Mononykus stood over a meter tall, almost 2 metres (no more than about 6 feet) long and less than 120 kilograms in weight. These dinosaurs were also very fast. They may have been insect eaters, but they had razor sharp teeth in their mouths. These dinosaurs also had feathers instead of scales. You could think of them as like giant chicken.


Mononykus lived in large groups and fed mainly on insects. They lived in forests and open areas.

Trivia Edit

  • The sound effects of Mononykus are that of zebra as well as chicken, ostrich, and altered wild boar sounds.