Incisivosaurus ("Buck-Toothed Cutting Lizard"), also known as "Bunnysaurus", was a strange, feathered, bird-like dinosaur with Buck-Teeth from China, over 120 million years ago in the Early Cretaceous.

Males probably defended the "girls" from other males who wanted to mate. It was a vegetarian and a little bit similar to Microraptor.



Incisivosaurus lived during the Early Cretaceous period in China over 120 million years ago.


Incisivosaurus stood 3-4 feet tall and measured 8 feet long. They get their name, “Incisivosaurus”, because of those protruding front teeth, incisor-like teeth at the front. They’re about halfway between dinosaurs and birds.


They could nibble through ferns with their buck teeth. They used their feathers in a different way compared to other feathery dinosaurs like Microraptor. When Incisivosaurus used them, when they leaped into the air, they didn’t use them to stay airborne. Their feathers weren’t for flight.

Incisivosaurus were exquisite reptiles. These strange creatures had only been found in the same time and place as Microraptor. The males used their feathers to display to a female, like modern birds do to impress their mates. They had beautiful colors to flaunt them to females.

When they attacked, the males raised their crests, ruffled their feathers, thinking other rival males would compete for their mates. With most dinosaurs having feathers, their first function of feathers was to keep them warm, but some, like Incisivosaurus, used them for display.