A carnivorous Gorgonopsid. She's fast, powerful, and equipped with deadly weapons no hunter has had before.
— Allen, about Gorgonopsid

Gorgonopsid ("Gorgon Arch") was a predatory mammal-like reptile that flourished during the Permian, but died out before the Mesozoic. They also had razor sharp teeth that could tear the flesh off of there prey.



Gorgonopsid was the top predator of the Late Permian period, from 260-248 million years ago.


Measuring over 15 feet in length, Gorgonopsid was the apex predator of its time. They were swift, powerful, and possessed lethal weapons no other predatory hunter before them ever had. The Gorgonopsids huge jaws had a pair of fangs about 12 centimeters long. They evolved the world first sabre teeth. And there was nothing to rival them until the dinosaurs evolved about 20 millions years from Gorgonopsids time.

Unlike the dinosaurs, these animals were more closely related to mammals than to lizards and crocodiles. They didn't have fur, but they evolved scent glands in their skin. A single snap of their enormous jaws could crush Diictodon, if they could get a grip.


Gorgonposid was a solitary hunter, only getting together during mating season. After eating a fill of food, Gorgonopsid needed to drink water to wash down their food. Smaller Gorgonopsids did well to stand out of the way of larger Gorgonopsids, whether it be male or female. When it came to a herd of Scutosaurus, even fully grown, adult Gorgonopsids, even the largest ones, did not to attack a large armored herd.