"Large dinosaurs are rare in Europe and at five meters from nose to tail, Eustreptospondylus is the biggest."

Eustreptospondylus ("True Sterptospondylus") was a medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur from the Middle to Late Jurassic Period.



Eustreptospondylus lived during the Middle to Late Jurassic Period from 160-145 million years ago.


A predatory dinosaur that measured five meters in length, Eustreptospondylus were the largest carnivorous dinosaur in their environment, even though large dinosaurs were rare in their location. Additionally, much like the larger Giganotosaurus, Eustreptospondylus was similar in appearance to Allosaurus.

Behavior Edit

Eustreptospondylus was often a solitary hunter, but when feeding off something large, like a beached Liopleurodon, they would get together in groups. These dinosaurs were also primarily scavengers, combing the beaches for dead and dying animals but for them, living on such small islands, they were always under pressure to find more carrion. When these dinosaurs came into confrontations, in the end, it was the loudest roar that won.