A giant Entelodont, the bully of the plains. These are distant relatives of the pig--two meters tall, aggressive, and built like tanks, but with a brain no bigger than an orange.
— Allen, describing Entelodont

Entelodont ("Perfect Toothed"), also known as "The Hogs from Hell", was a monstrous, prehistoric mammalian animal relatives of the boars and pigs; though it killed more often than foraged.



Entelodont lived during the Late Oligocene period from over 25 million years ago. Enteledonts were arguably the earliest ancestors of modern day pigs, wort hogs, and wild boars, hence their nickname "The Hogs from Hell." It shared its environment with the Hyaenodon, Chalicotherium, Bear-Dogs, and the giant Indricotherium.


Enteledonts were large creatures, standing about two meters tall, were aggressive and tank-like built mammals. However, their brain was not much bigger than an orange.


Known for being the 'Bully of the Plains' of their time, Enteledonts were also rather aggressive creatures. Interestingly, despite their intimidating appearance, Enteledont weren't exactly carnivores, but were actually scavengers and omnivores as well. For example, if a Hyaenodon made a kill, three Enteledonts would be enough to drive of that Hyaenodon

In addition, they were omnivorous, eating plants and animals alike. During mating season, these scavengers got very aggressive towards each other, as they tried to establish who was top hog. Entelodonts were their own worst enemy. And their fights were enough to put of even a fully grown, adult Indricotherium.