Dorudon - a species of ancient whale.
— Allen, on Dorudon

Dorudon ("Spear-Toothed") was a small, early whale from the Eocene. It was related to the larger, more massive, more deadly, and far more lethal Basilosaurus primitive toothed whale. It was essentially a smaller and more compact, scaled down version of Basilosaurus, with subtle yet important differences to mark it out as its own species.



Dorudon lived in seas of the Late Eocene period from about 45-30 million years ago.


Dorudon measured 5-6 meters long and weighed several tons, making them as big as the Orca, or Killer Whale.


As a species of smaller ancient whale, Dorudon lived in groups or dozen of individuals, including juveniles. When Dorudon gathered in numbers, it meant the females were about to give birth. These whales used their numbers to ward off predators, even ones as big as their natural predator Basilosaurus.