Dinofelis is a killer of Australopithecus.
— Allen, about Dinofelis

Dinofelis ("Terrible Cat") was a large prehistoric sabre toothed cat and was one of the earlier, now-extinct cats with saber teeth. It lived during the Pliocene epoch, with a very wide distribution across Europe, Africa, North America and Asia, represented by as many as four subspecies. It was a highly adapted and highly successful member of its family, and would have been a common element within many environmental ecosystems within its range, during the relatively extensive (for big cats) period of time.



Dinofelis lived during the Early Pliocene period ove 3 million years ago.


As a prehistoric species of cat that is a member of the Saber Tooth variety, these cats had small sabers. Dinofelis didn't have the speed to bring down fast–running herbivores, so they specialized in killing slower prey that they can kill easily and quickly.