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Deinotherium ("Terrible Beast") was a large mammal that lived from the Miocene to the Pleistocene. It was a far larger and more aggressive relative of the modern elephant.



Deinotherium lived in Prehistoric Africa from the Miocene to the Pleistocene from 20-2 million years ago.


Deinotherium was a creature that looked like an elephant but was three times the size, with tusks that curve downwards for stripping bark off trees. These were among the biggest animals in the Australopithecus world. They stood as tall as Giraffes, but weighed 14 times as much. Even young Deinotherium were worth avoiding.

Journal EntryEdit

These were giant, 18 ton mammals that looked like elephants and stood as tall as giraffes, but were three times as big the size of elephants and weighed 14 times as much as modern giraffes. Among the biggest mammals that ever lived, their tusks curved downwards for stripping bark off trees.
— Allen, in his Journal, about Deinotherium