Cymbospondylus; one of the great group of marine reptiles: the Icthyosaurs. He's a primitive member of the group.
— Allen, on Cymbospondylus

Cymbospondylus ("Boat Spine") was a large, primitive Ichthyosaur from the Triassic, around 30 feet in length. It was also the top predator of its time.



Cymbospondylus lived in the prehistoric Seas of the Triassic period, 240-210 million years ago. It was the biggest and top predator in the Triassic Seas.


Cymbospondylus was large for a primitive Ichthyosaur, measuring over around 30-35 feet in length and weighing more than 4 tons, making it by far the largest predator of the seas in the Triassic Era. When they circled around slowly, it was deceiving. But with one slash of their tails, they had really great sudden bursts of speed. Cymbospondylus had a long, eel-like body, very different from the more compact and dolphin-like shapes of the later species. It had a pair of long, narrow jaws lined with small albeit sharp teeth.