Brontothere was a large prehistoric mammal from the Late Eocene. From hundreds of known specimens, it is known to have grown up to 2.5m tall at the shoulder.



Brontothere lived during the Late Eocene period from 38-30 million years ago.


Brontothere stood 2.5 meters tall and weighted around 2 tons. It was distantly related to horses and rhinos, but however they were not much like either. They were twice as big as modern rhinos, with brains just one third of the size.

In another difference to rhinos, the out growths on the noses were not horn or hair but bone. These were more for show than head–butting. The bone crests were far too brittle for that.


Evi brontothere large
Brontothere were not the brightest of beasts. Still, like with the Iguanodon dinosaurs, Brontothere were one of the
most successful groups of mammals around, found across the northern hemisphere and living in herds of hundreds. Female Brontotheres were fiercely protective of their young. When or if their calves died, it would impossible to say whether the mothers understand if their calves were dead. Like most animals, females had a very strong bond with their offspring, and would defend them for as long as they could.