A tiny flying reptile, or pterosaur, called Anurognathus, that specializes in life amongst these giants.
— Allen, about Anurognathus
in Time of the Titans

Anurognathus ("Without Tail Jaw") was a genus of diminutive rhamphorhynchoid Pterosaur which lived during the late Jurassic period (154-130 MYA) in what is now Germany.



Anurognathus lived during the Late Jurassic Period and the Early Cretaceous Period from 154-130 million years ago.


Anurognathus was one of the smallest, if not, the smallest of all Pterosaurs, having a tiny wingspan of about 30-50 centimeters in length. Because of that, Anurognathus was near the bottom of the food chain. However, Anurognathus would usually be safe from predators as it was a nocturnal, somewhat bat-like insectivore.


1000px-WWD1x2 AnurognathusFeedingOnDiplodocus

As a tiny flying reptile, Anurognathus was a pterosaur that specialized in life among giant dinosaurs, even ones as large as the massive sauropods. These pterosaurs fed on insects and spent their entire lives hanging on to sauropods. They fought, fed, and bred on creatures that were over 150 thousand times heavier than they are.