This is Anomalocaris, Earth's first super predator.
— Allen, describing Anomalocaris

Anomalocaris ("Abnormal Shrimp") was a species of bizarre shrimp-like prehistoric arthropod sea monster. It was the world's original Super-Predator during the Cambrian Era, hence its nickname, "Earth's first super predator" and is one of the first animals to evolve eyes.



Anomalocaris lived during the Cambrian Period, over 532-520 million years ago. It was the top predator of its time. During their time, there was competition everywhere in their crowded waters and even these mighty creatures defense's were constantly put to thee test, causing them to fight other Anomalocaris.



Anomalocaris's Eye's

Anomalocaris measured two meters long and they owed their success to monumental, evolutionary land mark…their eyes. Their eyes may have looked bizarre, but they were not unique. Whenever they got into fights with one another, their rigid armor would split if it was ever bent too far.


Anomalocaris was a solitary predator. If they encountered another of their kind, they frequently battled one another.